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Exped Air Pillow - Packed Up
Exped Air Pillow - Deflated, Back
Exped Air Pillow - Deflated, Front
Exped Air Pillow - Inflated, Back
Exped Air Pillow - Inflated, Front
Exped Air Pillow - Inflated, Back Valves
Exped Air Pillow - In Sleeping Bag


The Exped Air Pillow is the answer to lightweight sleeping comfort. With one or two breaths, the soft polyester fabric pillow is easily inflated. The pillow has two exclusive FlatValves, one for inflation and another for deflation. It is contoured and higher on one side than the other to accommodate different sleeping positions. Two loops allow the pillow to be attached to Exped inflatable sleeping pads. Exped also includes a stuff sack and repair kit with the Air Pillow.


Packed Size: 2.5 in. 4.5 in.
Inflated Dimensions: 15 in. x 11 in. x 4in.
Material: Tricot Polyester
Weight: 3 oz.

In The Field:

I am typically the kind of person who will sacrifice comfort in the name of space and weight savings. Once in awhile I come across products like the Air Pillow by Exped that are so light and consume so little space that they are worth adding to my pack. The Air Pillow is extremely easy to use. One or two breaths through the large inflation valve is all it takes. The air stays in the pillow between breaths even when the valve is open, allowing for a tight pillow if that is your desire. Personally I prefer it a little lax. Deflation is just as easy, involving opening the deflation valve and crumpling up the pillow to push all the air out.

I always use the Exped Air Pillow inside my mummy bag hood as opposed to outside and under my sleeping bag. It does. however, have loops for attaching to Exped sleeping pads if you want to keep it outside your sleeping bag. The shape of the Air Pillow allows it to fit perfectly into my mummy bags. It remains in place throughout the night even as I shift sleeping positions. The soft tricot fabric helps makes the Air Pillow comfortable along with its contoured shape.

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Final Thoughts:

I am very happy with my Exped Air Pillow. I now sleep through the night without waking as much during backpacking trips. I highly recommend the Air Pillow, especially to those who count every ounce. The added comfort is worth each and every one of its three ounces. Available at amazon.com

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