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From Funprojex.com, "The FOGTHIEF™ is a proven light weight concept for the prevention of fogging in all sports helmets including motorcycle helmet visors, eyeglasses and sunglasses worn inside the helmet. The warm breath from your mouth and nose is directed downwards to beneath the chin area. While breathing normally through your mouth the FOGTHIEF™ will direct this heated breath safely below your chin and out below your helmet therefore averting the fogging up problem. While stationary at traffic situations or in slow moving traffic the FOGTHIEF™ keeps the shield and glasses clear of fog and moisture. (No longer needing to lift the visor to clear the moisture/fog.)"

The FogThief is guaranteed to prevent fogging, protects lips from wind and cold, protects teeth, and allows you to breathe normally though your mouth. It is chemical free, fits most helmets comfortably, is durable and pliable, and dishwasher safe. Great for snowmobiling, winter motorcycle riding, and any cold weather sport requiring a fog-free helmet.


Size: One-size
Material: Scuba grade mouth guard
Weight: 0.5 oz. (spec.) / 1.0 oz. (actual)
Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Initial Thoughts (02/23/13):

As an eyeglass wearer I have always battled fogging in most cold weather activities, whether it be skiing, snowmobiling, or riding my motorcycle in the winter. I was recently sent a new product called the FOGTHIEF™ by FunProjex. It is supposed to direct your breath away from visors, goggles, and glasses by using a directional mouthpiece similar to a miniature snorkel used for diving.

The idea of having to have something in my mouth while riding my snowmobile is not all that appealing, but I figure I might as well give it a shot. The FogThief is a small, lightweight device that is easy to store in a pocket when not in use. I tried it on with my sno-cross helmet and it fits great and is barely visible to others (the vent tubes stick down slightly beneath the helmet). Being apprehensive on its comfort, I decided to keep it in my mouth for about half an hour before any real world testing. I am pleased to report that it is more comfortable than I had anticipated. My mouth was a little sore for a couple minutes after I removed it, but I am not used to wearing any kind of mouth guard. I was worried about drool running down the vent tubes and all over my chest, but that never happened. I was able to easily swallow and keep everything under control. I look forward to trying it out snowmobiling in the near future.

Initial Field Test (02/25/13):

I used the FogThief most of the day on a recent snowmobile trip near Olallie Lake, Oregon. The conditions were fantastic with fresh powder and temperatures below freezing (perfect for fogged goggles). The FogThief worked as advertised. I have goggles with a built in fan to expel warm air effectively reducing interior fogging, but still notice fogging on the outside when I am stopped. With the FogThief, this issue was completely eliminated. All my warm breath was directed down out of my helmet and away from my goggles. My only complaint is that it is hard to talk with it in (no way around that except to take it out) and I had occasional drooling. I think the FogThief is best suited for situations when you absolutely require fog free vision. It is definitely up to the task.

See Powder Day Snowmobile adventure where the FogThief was used.

Special thanks to Montie Design for providing the FOGTHIEF™ for review.

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Montie Roland, Fri, 03/15/2013 - 15:16

Thanks for taking your time to check out the Fog Thief!

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