NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter Review

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NcSTAR 7 mm Rem. Mag. Cartridge Laser Boresighter - Package
NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter
NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter - Batteries
NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter in Rifle


The NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter for 7 mm Remington Magnum is designed to quickly and easily bore-sight your rifle. It features a red laser operated by three button cell batteries. It is shaped like a standard 7mm Rem. Mag. cartridge to fit directly into the chamber. Simply insert batteries, turn it on, insert in chamber, and aim at a light-colored object about 25 yards away. The Cartridge Laser Boresighter can be used for initial bore-sighting and also to ensure your rifle is zeroed in before the big hunt.


Fits: 7 mm Remington Magnum (other calibers available)
Batteries: 3x LR-41 button cell (included)
Weight: 0.5 oz. w/batteries

Initial Thoughts (05/02/11):

The NcSTAR cartridge laser borsighter seems to be good quality. After inserting the three batteries, the laser turned on right away. It easily fit in the chamber of my Tikka T3 rifle. The instructions warn to not close the bolt on your rifle due to possible damage to the laser, but I was able to do so without any issue. With the bolt open I noticed there was some play in where the laser was aimed. Closing the bolt onto the NcSTAR Cartridge Laser Boresighter alleviated this problem. After aiming at a light object about 25 yards away, I easily adjusted my scope to have the laser's red dot lined up in the crosshairs.

Initial Field Test (08/06/11):

I took my Tikka T3 Lite out on a camping trip to sight it in at a safe spot in the woods. I was disappointed with the NcStar laser boresighter after my first three shots were about 2 feet high and half a foot to the left of the target at 100 yards. I was using a stock-mounted bi-pod and the shots were consistently off in the same spot, so I knew it was the shooter. At least it got me close enough to be able see where the shots were going and adjust my scope to get me on the paper. Now that I am close to sighted in, I will see where the laser hits the next time I go out. Stay tuned.

Extended Field Testing (10/04/11):

After using the NcStar Cartridge Laser Boresighter for initial sighting in of my Tikka T3 rifle, I used it again to compare. It was low and to the right of dead center (about an inch at 20 yards). While not extremely accurate, this Laser Boresighter gets you close enough. I wish it was more accurate, so I could use it to confirm my scope was still sighted in before my next hunt.

Final Thoughts:

The NcStar Cartridge Laser Boresighter can get the job done, but it won't win any accuracy contests. My particular boresighter could have been manufacturered slightly off or they may all be like it. I would recommend looking at another model. Available from amazon.com.

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