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From Stansport, "The Stansport Cree LED Lantern gives off an amazing 700 lumens, making it one of the brightest battery lanterns on the market! This powerhouse is capable of lighting up the campsite, the inside of the largest tents, and even rooms at home during a power outage. The rubber coated housing makes the Cree LED 700 lantern ideal for the rugged outdoors."

The Stansport 700 lumen Cree LED lantern is water resistant, features a carry handle, and has three lighting modes (high, low, and strobe).


Size: 9" H x 4.75" W
Material: Thermoplastic and rubber
Lumens: 700
Water Resistant: yes
Run Time: up to 72 hours
Batteries: 6 D
Weight: 1 lb 11 oz (764 g)


The Stansport 700 lumen Cree LED lantern is an average size lantern with a square design. It has a removable diffused globe.

The Stansport Cree lantern is a bit too bulky for my taste. I prefer a lighter lantern and also one which uses AA batteries or rechargeable batteries instead of expensive and heavy D size.

The 700 lumen Stansport Cree lantern appears bright when looking directly at it. However, it doesn't appear any brighter than some lower lumen rated lanterns that I have tested. Unfortunately I do not have extra D cell batteries to give it a thorough testing. The packaging lists the run time as 72 hours, but does not list whether that is on high, low, or strobe. I imagine at this price point it is an unregulated circuit and will dim drastically by the end of its run time curve.

While the Stansport 700 lumen Cree LED lantern appears to have descent specifications it seems to be just an average quality LED lantern in my opinion. It's bulk is a turn off for me, but if you have access to cheap D cell batteries it might be a good choice.

Available from amazon.com.

Special thanks to Stansport for providing the 700 Lumen Cree LED Lantern for review.

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Eddy, Thu, 05/26/2016 - 00:00

Pros: Very bright light. Can be hung by handle or upside down with globe removed on hook. Rugged construction. Cons: Difficult to close cover on batteries could use alignment arrows on outside. Globe should be diffused cannot look at light.
However, good buy, would recommend to others. No instructions included.

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