Memorial Day 2018 - Camping at LaPine State Park

We had booked three nights at LaPine State Park for Memorial Day weekend back in December after we ordered our trailer. Finally Memorial Day is here and some good weather too. The State Park's proximity to Sunriver and the Cascade Lakes Sceneic Byway make it an ideal location to serve as a base camp for outdoor adventures.

LaPine state park is located approximately 28 miles South of Bend, Oregon off Hwy 97. The park has 129 sites (some with full hookups), 5 rustic cabins, and 5 deluxe cabins. Each site has water and electricity at a minimum. During the summer, the park rangers usually offer an evening interpretive program on weekends at the campground's amphitheater.

We left late Friday morning after Julian's pre-school graduation. He is growing up fast. Our drive was uneventful except for a little bit of rain just before we arrived at LaPine State Park. After we arrived and the rest of the weekend, the weather was great.

Julian playing in the dirt at our campsite     Our hybrid trailer fully expanded

On Saturday we started the day with a fly fishing trip to nearby Fall River. There were a bunch of other fisherman already there, but no-one was fishing the pocket water that I like. I landed a couple fish after just a couple casts.

Julian and I with our first fish at Fall River     Fly fishing Fall River
Julian fly fishing at Fall River     Fly fishing just below Fall River Falls

The real fun began just below the falls. After almost filling up my waders, I managed to get out in the middle of the river. After the second or third cast, wham! I had a descent sized fish on. Little did I know I actually had two. They put up a great fight, but eventually I won and landed both fish. Both rainbows were just shy of 14 inches.

Two fish caught at the same time!     Two nearly 14 inch Rainbow trout

Saturday afternoon, we drove into Sunriver and walked around. Julian and I went for a ride on the little train they have every year. Usually he goes with Katie, but he took me this time.

On Sunday we went for a drive around Mt Bachelor. Last year the road was still closed with snow. Not this year.

Katie and Julian at Big Tree     Julian and Katie at Elk Lake, Oregon
Katie and Julian on Mt Bachelor     Katie and Julian on a chairlift

We had a wonderful camping trip. They always go bay way too fast. Our next one is in two weeks!


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