Boating on the Columbia River - Chinook Landing to Rooster Rock

After getting our boat fixed (bad starter) we were eager to take it out and enjoy our beautiful Oregon summer. We took Katie's mom and friend Tracy out with us Saturday. We launched at Chinook Landing around 10 am. It was crowded due to a outrigger canoe race taking place Saturday.

We headed upriver toward Rooster Rock. We found a nice wide stretch of the Columbia River where there was very little boat traffic and calm conditions. It was perfect for Julian to experience his first time being pulled behind the boat in an inner-tube.

Fun on our boat in the Columbia River, Oregon     Tubing behind our boat

Not surprisingly, Julian had a blast. After getting pulled behind the boat he wanted to jump in for a swim with Katie. It was a short lived swim as the water was too cold for him.

Julian loves being in the water!     Katie and Julian swimming in the Columbia River
Rooster Rock and Crown Point

Julian fell asleep on the ride back to Chinook Landing even though the water was choppy. He can fall asleep just about anywhere. We decided to head downriver a little to let him sleep awhile longer.

It was a great day and everyone had a fun time. The boat ran great and everything went well. Next up, an extending camping trip.


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