Boating fun on the Willamette River

In an attempt to find a family friendly activity for the summer months (and to introduce Julian to fishing), we recently purchased a 2004 Crestliner Sportfish 2050 boat. We have already taken it on a few trips, but today was our first trip with friends. It was a beautiful day. We met our friends at the 42nd street boat ramp on the Columbia River where we launched. We all piled in the boat and set off downriver toward the Willamette River.

After a fun ride up the Willamette River, we anchored downtown near the Tilikum Crossing bridge. We enjoyed lunch and then swam in the river.

Katie and Julian and Jordan and Lincoln in our boat on the Willamette River     Fun on the river with friends

Once Julian got in the water, he didn't want to get out. He had a blast along with our friends.

Fireboat under Tilikum Crossing on the Willamette River     Our Mini Adventurer swimming in the Willamette River with me
Julian jumping off the boat to Katie     2004 Crestliner Sportfish 2050

It was a fun trip. Unfortunately summer is coming to and end, but we'll be ready for next year. And the nice thing about the Crestliner Sportfish 2050 is it is good for both skiing and fishing.


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