Camping and Fishing Fall River, Oregon

Katie, Julian, and I spent the Memorial Day weekend camping in Central Oregon at Fall River camp ground. This is one of my favorite places in the area. It is a primitive campground with no potable water and rarely crowded. We were able to easily find a spot when we arrived on Friday.

There were plenty of mosquitoes by the river unfortunately. We made a couple trips to Fall River hatchery. Fly fishing was not great (but that is typical for me at Fall River on Memorial Day weekend). I only managed to catch one fish. Other than that, I couldn't even get anything to rise.

Julian playing at Fall River camp ground     Julian playing in the snow near Elk Lake, Oregon

On Saturday afternoon we drove over to Elk Lake. The road was closed from Elk Lake to Mt Bachelor due to how much snow was still on the road. We went for a little hike nad played in the snow.

Julian in the snow     Road still closed from Mt Bachelor to Elk Lake

On Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Mt Bachelor to check it out. The place was packed. There were tons of snowmobiles at Dutchman Flats and even more skiers and snow boarders at Mt Bachelor. There was a beer fest and pond skim taking place to celebrate their closing for the season. It was amazing how much snow was left. Julian loved watching the skiers crash into the cold water. One guy even attempted it with a lady on his shoulders. He wiped out at the last minute missing the water while launching her right into the pond! What a show.

We had a fun weekend. I wish the fishing was better, but there is always next time.


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