Camping at Rock Creek Reservoir and fun on a Polaris RZR

It has been awhile since we last camped at Rock Creek Reservoir, so we booked a couple sites and took off early Friday for a fun weekend of camping. It was one of the only weekends I was able to find sites suitable for our trailer. Rock Creek Reservoir is a 100 acre lake (when full in the Spring) located in Tygh Valley within the Mt Hood National Forest (SE side of Mt Hood). The lake is about 6 miles WSW of the town of Wamic and is stocked several times each Spring with rainbow trout. Rock Creek Campground is located on the Southeast shore of the lake and has 33 sites with water and outhouses nearby.

We arrived surprised to see the campground only about 2/3 reserved. Maybe people were still recovering from Memorial Day weekend. Julian was happy to get out of our truck and enjoy the great outdoors. He is just like me and would much rather be outside.

About an hour after we arrived my friend John showed up. We booked a second site for him since he brought his new Polaris RZR 900 with him. I was eager to test it out.

We went fishing in Rock Creek Reservoir after dinner, but weren't very successful. We had a bunch of bites, but couldn't get any to commit.

Julian playing with firewood     Julian playing in 'Uncle' John's tent

On Saturday morning we all piled into John's truck and headed back up road 48 to the Rock Creek OHV area near where we deer hunt. ATV use in Mt Hood National Forest is very limited due to all the restrictions. Unfortunately our policy makers are not the brightest folks and don't always think things through. Oh well. Sometimes it's worth it to be prepared to accept a couple hundred dollar ticket for breaking some ridiculous rule.

John and i took the first ride in the RZR and headed down some approved trails where we deer hunt. We eventually took a trail that was a wee bit narrow. There were spots that would have been challenging for a quad and were nearly impossible to squeeze the RZR through. Miraculously John was able to navigate through and the trail spit us out on a gravel road a couple miles from where we left Katie and Julian. Instead of heading back the way we came, I hopped in the drivers seat and we took the gravel road back (technically not legal). It was a much faster ride.

When we got back to the truck John traded places with Katie and Julian. We took off on a wider trail and came across a doe and her new fawn. Julian got a kick out of seeing the deer and really enjoyed the ride.

Julian ready for Dad to do some target shooting     Katie and our Mini Adventurer ready for a ride in a Polaris RZR 900

It was close to 90°F by the time we arrived back at camp. Julian went down for a nap while John and I went fishing. We had a little more luck this time and caught a few rainbow trout. Unfortunately none of them were trophies. After his nap, Julian came down to the water and joined us.

Julian and Dad fishing in Rock Creek Reservoir     Julian relaxing in his very own camp chair (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)

We had a great camping trip. Julian definitely takes after me and I look forward to all the future adventures we will embark on.


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