Camping SE of Mt Hood

My friend Tyler and I decided to go camping this weekend near where we have hunted in the past on the SE side of Mt Hood. We were hoping our friends John and Ryan would join us, but they weren't able to this trip. Tyler and I met up at the hwy 35/48 junction and then continued on forest service road 4860 to look for a camping spot.

The spot I was hoping for was already taken, so we grabbed an open spot on the top of a knoll with a view of Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson. We arrived around 8 AM and it was still cool, so we welcomed the sunny spot we chose.

Tyler brought some hammocks for us to try out. They are way quicker than pitching a tent and turned out to be comfortable (for me anyway).

Hammocks setup at camp     Our camp on top of a hill

I had a fun trip relaxing, shooting Tyler's .22 rifle, and watching him fly his drone.


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