Deer Hunting 2010

This year's annual deer trip was a success! My buddy John bagged a trophy 4x5 mule/black-tail hybrid buck just a short walk from camp. The single shot to the lungs from his .30-06 knocked the buck down where he quickly and humanely died. Tyler and I each missed a long shot at another nice buck, but at least we got to try. It would have been a real pain to drag him out anyway. Area map.

John and His Deer     Jason, Tyler, & John with The Trophy Buck

This year we setup our base camp in the middle of the area we planned on hunting. This proved fruitful and cut down on driving time. We were camped near Badger Lake, Oregon in the White River Unit, the same unit we have hunted the last two years. Unfortunately the weather was fairly warm most of the trip and dry until the last day. Our hopes for a little snow were never met.

I towed my Fleetwood Bayside tent trailer (pop up trailer) behind my Ford so we could have a few comforts at camp. Throw in a generator and a couple cold beers and we were happy deer hunters.

John at Camp     Jason, Tyler, & John Relaxing after a Morning Hunt

My dad drove up from Reno for opening weekend. He is used to hunting open country (sage brush) so our unit was a big departure from where he normally hunts. We managed to see a few does while he was there, but unfortunately no bucks. We still had a great time.

We spent 8 days this year, so we had to cut and chop a lot of firewood. We almost burned it all too. We hunted every morning and night, but still found time to do a little fishing.

Large Firewood Stack at Deer Camp     Fishing at Boulder Lake

We look forward to deer hunting again next year. I hope to have a new rifle and a lot more practice, so I'll be ready for a long shot. We will likely hunt in the same area again unless we decide to put in for eastern Oregon next season.


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