Deer hunting 2017 - Upper Clackamas, Oregon

I didn't apply for any controlled hunts this year, but did buy a general Western deer rifle tag. My friend John and I went up to Hideaway Lake this weekend to see if we could find a buck or two. John went up early Friday and I followed shortly after getting off work a bit early.

John brought his camper and was the only one in the campground when i arrived. We relaxed most of the afternoon and then went on a walk before dinner as the sun was going down. It was cool and felt like good weather for deer hunting. We saw a few old deer trails, but nothing real recent.

Frying Pan Lake     Mt Hood from High Rocks

On Saturday we drove up to Frying Pan Lake to walk around and look for deer. I just about got stuck in a giant mud puddle about three feet deep, but luckily was able to back out. No more puddles for me. We walked around Frying Pan Lake, but didn't see any deer unfortunately. There were a few tracks but nothing fresh.

We drove down the road a bit more and tried another spot for a couple hours. No luck their either. Oh well. The weather was beautiful with cool crisp air and sunshine. Back at camp we tried trout fishing, but didn't have any luck at that either. I caught a couple newts, but that's it.


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