Deer Scouting - White River Unit, Oregon

I drove back up to our deer hunting spot on Friday night to do some more scouting and check the game camera we set up last weekend. I came up alone and was able to get the spot where we had our base camp last year. My two friends and I have buck tags for the White River unit again and like to hunt an area in the vicinity of Badger Lake (roughly 12 miles West of the town of Wamic, Oregon). It's mostly forested with noble fir, douglas fir, and pine trees with interspersed clearcuts slowly filling in.

On Saturday morning my friend John came up to join me. While he relaxed at camp, I went for a hike to retrieve pictures off his game camera. Unfortunately after hiking a little over a mile, I ran into a hunter in the treestand near where I had the camera. I decided to turn around and come back later so as to not disturb him. There is an early season rifle hunt in the unit as well as a bow hunt.

Deer Camp     Purple Thistle

Back at camp, John and I loaded up my truck and went for a drive to find a clearcut to shoot our rifles and cut some firewood. We ended up finding a nice area where we could safely shoot over a hundred yards. There were a few downed trees for firewood conveniently located nearby. We filled up the back of the truck with large rounds before setting up a target and several milk jugs to shoot at. I think I finally have my Tikka T3 Lite dialed in. After a small windage adjustment I was about 1/4" from bulls-eye at 90 yards. We then shot milk jugs at about 130 yards and hit each of them in one shot.

Firewood     Tikka T3 Lite 7mm Rifle w/Leupold VX-3 Scope and Bipod

We split firewood back at camp and enjoyed hot dogs for lunch. John had been fishing at the coast the day before and had gotten little sleep, so he decided to take a nap while I went for another hike to check the game camera. This time the hunter was gone and I was able to retrieve the pictures. Unfortunately the only thing we captured was a lone coyote. No deer had passed by. I decided to take the camera back, so we could set up in another spot and check it again next weekend.

Game Camera     Coyote Caught on Game Camera
Open Woods from Treestand

It ended up sprinkling off-and-on Saturday and remained cool enough for long pants and jackets. It was nice to feel some fall weather. Hopefully it holds and doesn't heat back up. I ended up seeing several does on this trip, but unfortunately no bucks. I am hopeful the camera will capture some deer in the coming week.


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