Fishing Fall River in Central Oregon

While camping at LaPine State Park I was able to fly fish nearby Fall River a few times. It is a small cold spring fed river that flows into the Deschutes River. It is home to rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Fishing at Fall River is restricted to artificial barbless flies.

On Sunday late morning I went out to the Fall River Fish Hatchery with Katie and my parents to fish for a little before my parents drove back home. I ended up catching a couple small fish and hooking into a monster (probably 16-18 inches). Unfortunately I lost the big fish, but it was fun while he was on. The fish were not rising, so the action was all on wet flies.

Jason Fly Fishing Ed's Hole on Fall River     Wildflower on the Bank of Fall River

Katie and I went back on Monday evening and I fished an hour or so. The fishing was again fair. I caught a couple small trout. The fish were still not rising.

Rainbow Trout Caught on Wet Fly     Mule Deer

Katie and I went back to the hatchery on Fall River one more time Tuesday morning for more of the same. I caught a couple small fish, but they still were not rising. That's how fishing on Fall River goes. Sometimes the fish are very active and the catching is hot, and other times it is slow.

Jason Fly Fishing     Rainbow Trout in Clear Water of Fall River

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