Huckleberry Picking Near Hideaway Lake, Oregon

Katie, our baby son Julian, and I went huckleberry picking near Hideaway Lake on Saturday. We had planned to pick huckleberries right near the lake, but it was way too crowded with weekend campers. Hideaway Lake is on the way to Timothy Lake (from Estacada) off forest service road 57. Take the paved forest road 58 to the left before 57 turns to gravel. At the fork, take the gravel road 5830 to Hideaway Lake. Due to the crowds, we decided to continue further along the road.

We stopped near a creek where we could see lots of huckleberries from the road. The weather was overcast and cooler (almost cool enough for a jacket) which was nice for a change. Julian did very good on the ride up, only fussing just as we arrived. His little tummy can only go so long between bottles.

Katie and Julian with Huckleberries     Huckleberry Bush

We quickly went to work picking huckleberries while trying not to eat them. Katie is always better at this than me. My appetite often gets the better of me and I just love fresh huckleberries.

Big Blue Yummy Huckleberry     Ants Enjoying a Meal

In between huckleberry picking I managed to find a few things to take photos of. It has been a while since we have been able to get outdoors since being blessed with Julian's arrival at the end of May.

A Frog Enjoying not Being Stepped On     Wildflowers

By the time we had our fill of huckleberry picking, Julian was fast asleep and ready for the truck ride home. I am sure I acquired a few more pinstripes on the truck as the road was choked with bushes past Hideaway Lake. Below the lake the road was great as it has been recently graded. I am sure next year Julian will be a more active participant in picking huckleberries.

Julian Asleep While Katie and I Pick Huckleberries

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