Mount Hood, Oregon - Winter Hike at Sunset

Today was a gorgeous winter day in Portland, Oregon. It felt like spring with the sun shining and temperature above 50°F. Katie managed to get off work early, so we decided to go on an impromptu adventure up to White River SnoPark on Mount Hood. We left a quarter after three hoping to make it before sunset at 5:09 PM. With light traffic, we arrived at the SnoPark at 4:30 PM. Area map.

White River with Mount Hood in Background     Clouds Breaking Up

The views were amazing. The few clouds present were breaking up when we arrived, giving way to blue skies as the sun went down. There were only a handful of other people at the SnoPark, including a cross-country skier and his dog. The snow was fairly packed, so we decided to leave our snowshoes behind and hike on foot. We came across a huge boulder that I managed to scale up while Katie snapped a photograph.

Mount Hood, Oregon at Sunset     Jason on a Large Boulder

We continued hiking for about three quarters of a mile, stopping frequently to gaze at Mount Hood. It seemed close enough to touch. In hindsight, snowshoes would have been helpful on our hike. The snow was mushy due to the warm weather the past week and made traction difficult wearing only our boots.

Mount Hood, Oregon at Sunset     Sunset in Oregon Cascades

As nightfall set in, we took a few more pictures before turning around and heading back down the mountain. We brought our Petzl headlamps, so we quickly made our way back to the parking lot. It was downhill all the way back and almost steep enough in one section to sled down on my back. We will remember this short adventure for a long time to come. It is not often we get the opportunity to take in such spectacular views during our Oregon winters. The Lord is good.

Katie and Jason at Dusk in Front of Mount Hood     Mount Hood After Sunset


Erin, Thu, 06/02/2011 - 19:48

I really like your pics and your page. I haven't got to dig too deep yet b/c I stumbled across it while working on a term project on Mt Hood. But I will be back!

What camera are you using to take these pics??


admin, Thu, 06/02/2011 - 19:52

Thanks Erin for the compliment. Most of the pictures were taken with a Casio EX-H15 point and shoot camera. There are several other posts on the site related to Mount Hood (a couple of which are climbing related). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

HikerWay, Wed, 04/11/2012 - 02:01

I really had a wonderful time reading your blog. It's such an amazing winter hiking experience that you had. Awesome and gorgeous mountain! I love how it looks whatever time of day..breathtaking images.. I can imagine how it feels like being there..all I can say is amazing! Maybe I'll be willing to stay for few more days and nights on that gorgeous mountain.

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