Playing in the snow near Lookout Mountain

Katie, our Mini-Adventurer, and I drove up to the base of Lookout Mountain (about 6,000' elevation) Saturday to play in the snow. We took Katie's Ford Escape for the first time in the snow and it handled amazingly well. No skill was needed to keep it safely on the road. We came across several other people out having fun in the snow. There was maybe 5-6" of snow by the time we made it to High Prairie (the base of Lookout Mountain). The weather was mostly cloudy with only a calm breeze and right around freezing. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day.

Julian has been asking to play in the snow for months now, so he was so excited. We brought his sled and I was soon pulling him around. We headed a little ways up the High Prairie trail to Lookout Mountain before stopping to have a snow ball fight.

High Prairie trail to Lookout Mountain in the snow     Julian and Katie ready to play in the snow
Snowball fight!     Snow is so fun

We tried to make a snow angel family, but Julian was not interested. He's just about 3-1/2 years old now and loves to challenge us. He thinks we have plenty of pictures of him already, so he doesn't like us taking photos of him anymore.

Katie making a snow angel next to mine     We couldn't get Julian to make a snow angel to complete our family

It turned out to be a beautiful day in the snow. We had only a few light snow showers and even an occasional sun break.

Beautiful snow covered High Prairie trail     Miniature snowman

Before heading home, we walked over to the High Prairie shelter nearby. We were hoping to get a family portrait to use on our Christmas cards, but that was a no go. At least we tried.

Julian doesn't like being in pictures anymore     High Prairie shelter

Now we just need more snow and we'll all be back for more fun.


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