Shad fishing with my family on the Willamette River

Shad have started going over Bonneville Damn, so that means its time to start fishing the Willamette River for them. Katie has every other Tuesday off from work, so I have decided to leave early from work on corresponding Tuesdays to take the whole family shad fishing.

For our first trip, the weather was beautiful. Sunny skies, light wind and close to 80°F. Our Mini Adventurer (Julian) was eager to go out fishing on our boat. This was our fist time using our new to us Crestliner Sportfish 2050 on a fishing trip.

We launched from Meldrum Bar in Gladstone and motored upriver above the Clackamas River and below the I-205 bridge. We anchored and tried fishing, but there was not enough current. The wind was blowing us upriver. Julian didn't care though. He was having a grand old time.

Mini Adventurer and Katie shad fishing on the Willamette River

We brought in the anchor and headed downstream just below the Clackamas River where there was more current. We fished with a Dick Nite on one rod and a pink headed grub on the other. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be any shad around.

After fishing for about an hour my friend John came out to meet us. We motored over to the transient dock, picked him up, and returned to our spot. He was the first to catch a fish. It was a salmon smolt unfortunately. Later he had another fish on. This time it looked promising and he handed his rod to me to help Julian reel it in. Soon we had a small bass dangling from the end. Bummer, but at least it was a fish. After that I caught a salmon smolt.

Even though we didn't end up catching any shad, it was still a fun trip. Great weather and good company are all that is required. I guess we were a few days early for the shad, but we will be back. Julian didn't want to leave and said he wanted to stay on the river "for ever and ever". A kid after my own heart.


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