Fiskars 28 in. Splitting Axe Review

7859 (new model is X25 #78546935)
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Fiskars Splitting Axe
Fiskars Splitting Axe - Packaging
Fiskars Splitting Axe - Blade
Fiskars Splitting Axe - Comparison
Fiskars Splitting Axe - Blade Comparison


The 28 inch Pro Splitting Axe (new model is the X25) by Fiskars® is guaranteed never to loosen or separate with its handle molded over the head (PermaHead™). It's sharp and durable for faster splitting due to the superior blade design. The included plastic sheath provides safe storage and convenient transportation. The Fiskars Splitting Axe withstands overstrikes with its high-strength handle. The contoured balanced handle offers greater efficiency and control leading to powerful cuts with less effort. Designed for medium to large-sized logs.


Handle Length: 28 in.
Blade Material: Coated Forged Steel
Handle Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Composite
Head Weight: 2.25 lbs.
Total Weight: 3.43 lbs
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Initial Thoughts:

I was happy the first time I picked up the Fiskars 28 inch splitting axe. It feels lightweight and balanced, but heavy enough to get the job done. Durability appears on par with my other Fiscars hatchets and axes, so it should have no problem holding up to years of abuse.

In The Field:

I first tested the Fiskars Splitting Axe at my buddy's house on a pile of 20-inch diameter cedar rounds. It split through these effortlessly. I like the lighter weight of this axe compared to my heavier splitting maul. As a smaller guy, it is easier for me to swing it with more power. The shape and sharpness of the blade seem to compensate for the lighter weight head. Even with bruised ribs, I had no problems splitting the cedar rounds.

I next used the Fiskars Splitting Axe while snow camping. We split various smaller rounds of fir and hemlock. Again it worked great, was easy to swing, and got the job done quickly. I am happy with how it is holding up, just like my other Fiskars axes. As long as I keep it away from rocks, I suspect it won't need sharpening for a long time.

See Devils Half Acre Meadow adventure where the Fiskars Splitting Axe was used.

Final Thoughts:

I am very pleased with the Fiscars 28 inch Splitting Axe. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a good axe for light to medium-duty splitting. The new X25 model has a heavier head that may appeal more to those used to traditional splitting mauls. Available from amazon.com.


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