Mountain Armor Snowmobile Bumper Review

Mountain Armor
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Picture of Mountain Armor bumper for Polaris Axys 155
Picture of Mountain Armor bumper on 2018 Polaris 800 Pro RMK snowmobile
Picture of Mountain Armor bumper on 2018 Polaris 800 Pro RMK snowmobile
Picture of Mountain Armor bumper in action


From Mountain Armor, "Replace your stock bumper with an all aluminum Mountain Armor bumper. Fits Polaris Axys Pro RMK/Assault snowmobiles with a 155" track. The Mountain Armor bumper helps strengthen the tunnel as well as give you more hand room for when you get stuck in the deep powder. Includes mounting hardware. Some drilling of tunnel required to add additional mounting holes." Available in seven colors (bare aluminum, black, green, orange, red, blue, or white).


Size: Polaris Axys 155
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5 lbs

Initial Thoughts (01/23/19):

The Mountain Armorbumper is a serious piece of equipment. It covers a good portion of the tunnel and feels like it delivers on it's promise of strengthening the tunnel. I had to remove 4 rivets on each side during the install. Other than that, it was pretty straight forward. It looks great and the bumper feels way more substantial then the stock bumper. It should be able to be used to gently pull a broken down sled.

Field Testing:

My first ride with the Mountain Armor bumper installed was a trip to Mt Saint Helens, Oregon. It was a deep powder day after we worked our way up and out of the rocks. I managed to not get stuck all day, so I didn't need to use the bumper to lift my sled. By the end of the day the bumper was still there and still looked great. So far so good.

The Mountain Armor bumper has continued to be a great addition to my Polaris 800 Pro snowmobile. Anytime I need to lift my snowmobile from the rear I have something substantial to grab onto without worry of breaking or tweaking the tunnel. I haven't had to tow another sled with it, but I'll update this review if the need ever arises.

See Bonney Meadows adventure where the Mountain Armor bumper was used.

Final Thoughts:

The Mountain Armor bumper has been a great addition to my Polaris Axys chassis snowmobile. In addition to being functional, it looks good too! It is available in multiple colors to compliment your color scheme. The best part is I don't have to worry about the weak stock bumper anymore.

Available from mtnarmor.com.


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