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Snow Trek Sport 75 #LHT75PC01
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From Pelican, "Whether it’s winter work or outdoor fun, the Snow Trek Sport 75 is up to the task. Excellent for hauling all types of cargo outdoors, the Snow Trek Sport 75 is a sturdy, robust utility sled designed to be pulled by a motorized vehicle. Its 500- pound capacity means plenty of room for everything you want to haul. Comes with no-maintenance Ram-X™ runners, shock absorbing metal tow hitch and adjustable travel cover. Specially designed to accommodate dividers (owner-made with provided template) to stabilize cargo. Fits in most standard pickup boxes for easy transport."


Dimensions: 73.75” x 30.5” x 16.25”
Material: RAM-X™ (polyethylene)
Weight: 44.5 lbs.
Capacity: 500 lbs.

Initial Thoughts (12/25/13):

I have been using two of Pelican's Snow Trek 60 utility sleds for the past couple years for snow camping. They have worked great when pulled behind my snowmobiles, but I have wanted a larger gear sled. Pelican released a new model this season called the Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled. It is similar to the old Snow Trek 75 model except that it is a little taller and red in color. Compared to my Snow Trek 60 sleds, the Sport 75 is a beast. It is much larger, heavier, and stouter. It is just what I was looking for. The wider stance should mean this utility sled will be less prone to tipping.

While the Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled is considerably more expensive than a Snow Trek 60, the increased size, strength, and included items outweigh the increased cost in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised that the Sport 75 came with the RAM-X™ runners pre-installed. I was expecting to have to install them like I did on my Snow Trek 60 sleds (which was kind of a pain). Pelican also used bolts to attach the runners at the front and then screws the rest of the way. This is an improvement over the runners for their other sleds which only come with screws and can be prone to detaching.

I like the groves that are built into the Snow Trek Sport 75 as they allow dividers or platforms to be cut out of plywood and secured in place. This adds versatility to the product. I wish Pelican included footman loops around the perimeter to make lashing gear easier, but they can be easily added.

The included cover is large enough so that the sled can be loaded quite a bit above the sides yet still stay firmly in place. It seems durable, but I am not sure how water resistant it is. On cold snowy days it should work great for keeping snow out of the sled, but wet snow may be a different story.

Initial Field Test (02/16/14):

My first use of the Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled was during a family snow play day on Mt Hood. Without a doubt it is my new favorite gear sled for pulling behind a snowmobile. I used it to haul gear and people back and forth about a mile each way from our day camp spot and the parking lot.

First of all, I love how large it is. I can carry more gear, which means less trips. I also love the cover which allows me to pack the sled with loose items instead of large tote bins in an effort to keep the contents dry. The cover works great, is easy to use, and keeps the contents dry.

My most favorite quality of the Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled is that it does not roll over. It stayed right on track behind my snowmobile even over rough terrain. I can see it being a great sled over the long term.

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Extended Field Testing (01/05/15):

The Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled has continued to be a great performer. The longest tow I have taken it on was 17 miles each way. It did not roll over a single time while my Pelican Snow Trek 60 rolled over many times (very annoying).

The cover has proven to be invaluable at keeping snow out of the sled and the contents dry underneath. It makes it easy to get things out during quick rest stops. It has held up well and still looks new as does the actual sled.

See Warm Springs Cabin, Frog Lake, and Frog Lake Buttes adventures where the Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled was used.

Final Thoughts (04/12/15):

The Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled is the best gear sled I have found to date for pulling behind a snowmobile. I plan on getting rid of my Pelican Snow Trek 60 sleds and purchasing another Snow Trek Sport 75 next season.

Available from amazon.com.



carole kennedy, Mon, 03/24/2014 - 15:50

i called dick's sporting goods and they don't carry this, where can i purchase the red snow trek sport 75

jloomis, Mon, 03/24/2014 - 18:49

Pelican International is a Canadian company, so you will likely not find the Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 locally in the U.S.A. I ordered mine from SportsAuthority.com at the beginning of winter. Since it is spring now, you probably will have to wait until next year to order one online.

Kyle Cunningham, Tue, 01/10/2017 - 14:37

I recently purchased the snow trek 75 but cannot find a hitch except the one for the snow trek 60, will the 60 fit on the 75??

jloomis, Thu, 01/12/2017 - 18:51

Sorry Kyle, the hitch from the 60 will not fit the 75.

Jocilyn, Fri, 02/03/2017 - 20:56


Where were you able to buy a sled recently? Can you buy directly from Pelican?


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