Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe Hammer Review

SUM'TEC Ice Axe Hammer, 52cm #U15-M52
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Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe - Head
Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe Hammer, 52cm
Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe - Hammer
Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe - TRIGREST
Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe Hammer, 52cm
Picture of Petzl SUM'TEC Ice Axe - Head & Shaft
Picture of CAMP Corsa Nanotech, Petzl SUM'TEC, Black Diamond Raven


From Petzl "A compromise between a classic mountaineering ice axe and an ice climbing axe, the SUM’TEC is a versatile, lightweight, technical ice axe. It is easy to use in piolet canne mode with its stainless steel spike and its slightly curved shaft. In climbing mode, the ALPIX pick (forged into banana shape) and the new TRIGREST handrest (adjustable without tools) ensure the efficiency required for technical passages, as well as bergschrunds, ice gullies, etc. Available in adze or hammer versions."

The SUM'TEC adze version is available in 52 and 59 cm shaft lengths while the hammer version is only available with a 52 cm shaft. The hammer version features keys for tightening 8-10 mm bolts. The SUM'TEC ice axe features wide oval holes in the head and spike to accommodate a carabiner.


Size: 52 cm
Pick Type: B
Pick Material: Stainless Steel
Shaft Type: T
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Weight: 495 g (17.5 oz.)
Certifications: CE, UIAA

Initial Thoughts (03/08/13):

The Petzl SUM'TEC ice axe is one of the lightest technical axes with a hammer on the market. Its slightly curved shaft makes it a great companion to other semi-technical lightweight axes for steeper snow slopes short of all-out ice climbing.

Besides being a great looking ice axe, the SUM'TEC feels like the very versatile tool it was designed to be. It is quite comfortable and natural feeling in piolet canne mode and should work well, as the TRIGREST is easily re-positioned. The combination of the curved shaft and TRIGREST should lend the SUM'TEC to climbing steep snow and ice slopes and short vertical ice pitches.

The construction on the Petzl SUM'TEC is solid and should be a piece of equipment that lasts for years under normal use. I am eager to get out and put it to the test.

Initial Field Test:

Coming soon...

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