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Picture of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg snowmobile dry box
Picture of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg on Polaris snowmobile
Picture of inside of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg snowmobile dry box
Picture of side view of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg on Polaris snowmobile
Picture of Polaris 800 Pro RMK with 700 Low Profile Powder Keg
Picture of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg full of food and drinks
Picture of 700 Low Profile Powder Keg on Polaris snowmobile


From Powder Keg, "No drill, no rivet mounting system uses the existing Polaris tunnel tracks to quickly mount with bolts. Our items detach in seconds leaving only our keepers mounted in the tracks. The 700-B Storage Box may look small, but by use of straighter sides and a wider lid it has 1800 cubic inches (29.7 liters) of interior room. Four stainless steel draw latches hold it solidly to your sled. Simple lid latch makes for easy access in the coldest conditions. Keep your supplies dry and secure. Mount to the back of your sled by itself or together with a Fuel Keg (P-700-F). Includes the mounting hardware and instructions."

The Powder Keg 700 snowmobile dry box is designed for snowmobiles with a minimum track length of 144". An optional 13 can foam drink holder is available and holds 11 full size soda cans in the 700 model Powder Keg. The 700 Powder Keg carries a 2-year warranty.


Size: 1800 cu. in. (29.7 L)
Dimensions: 27-1/4 x 16 x 9-1/4 inches
Material: Rotational mold Aqua-Tuff plastic
Weight: 5 lbs 5 oz. (2.5 kg)

Initial Thoughts (11/25/15):

I love the look and function of the 700 Powder Keg snowmobile dry storage box. It is an effective, secure, and dry solution to storage on modern long track snowmobiles.

My Powder Keg is the P-700-B model which is the standalone storage box for Polaris snowmobiles. The P-700-CM model includes the Fuel Keg. I have been looking for a storage solution for my 2014 Polaris 800 Pro RMK snowmobile and the Powder Keg 700 fits the bill. It was easy to install utilizing the built in track system on my Polaris snowmobile's tunnel. All the hardware is stainless steel which is a plus as many other snowmobile accessories include inferior zinc plated steel hardware.

I have the 13 can optional foam drink holder in my Powder Keg. When using full size soda cans, only 11 will fit with the fully closed. Short cans or other small objects can be stored in the last two spots. I like how the foam drink holder fits tightly in the 700 Low Profile Powder Keg, yet still allows additional storage room in front of and behind it.

The Powder Keg is easy to take on and off my snowmobile. The four stainless steel draw latches are quick to operate. My only complaint is the cutout on the handles is not quite tall enough, so they sometimes catch the top pin when snapping them closed. This may get better after the Powder Keg sees some use.

After mounting my Powder Keg to the tunnel per the instructions, I decided to try mounting it to an UP North Technologies PRO SERIES Cargo Rack. All that was required was drilling a few holes in the rack and bolting the keepers. Now my 700 Powder Keg snowmobile storage box sits higher off my snowmobile tunnel for better cooling. There is still room on the cargo rack behind the Powder Keg for additional light storage. And because it is so easy to remove the Powder Keg, I can still utilize the entire cargo rack when needed.

Initial Field Test (11/29/15):

While I was excited to finally have enough snow in the mountains to go snowmobiling, I was probably more excited to test out the 700 Powder Keg Low Profile snowmobile dry storage box. I loaded it up with 8 drink cans and food and headed to the snow for a fun day of riding.

The first thing I noticed right away was how easy it was to open up the Powder Keg and get to its contents. Other bags I have used had cumbersome zippers, but the quick latch on the Powder Keg is fantastic. I wish the latch was stainless steel instead of plastic as it feels like it could break over time. It may be just fine and if it ever does break, it looks very easy to replace.

I also love the rigid nature of the Powder Keg. I found myself setting stuff on it and not worrying about crushing the contents. The Powder Keg is plenty sturdy and would probably support me sitting on it. I found myself setting open drink cans on top of the Powder Keg, so shallow molded drink holders would be handy.

I did not have a single problem with the 700 Powder Keg all day. It stayed secured to my snowmobile tunnel rack over 30 miles of bumpy early season conditions. The contents stayed dry (it was a sunny day so further testing is needed) and in place. My beverage cans stayed cold and did not sweat like they do in fabric storage bags. I was pleasantly surprised at this side benefit of the Powder Keg.

Overall I am very happy with the 700 Low Profile Powder Keg snowmobile dry storage box. It is functional, looks great, and doesn't interfere with my riding style. I did notice that the cutouts in the draw latches were not catching as much after my first trip. It appears that the catching may be completely eliminated after another ride or two.

See Bennett Pass adventure where the Powder Keg 700 Low Profile snowmobile dry box was used.

Special thanks to Powder Keg LLC for providing the 700 Low Profile Powder Keg for review.


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