Snow Camping at Shellrock Creek Campground

My friend John had spotted a large downed douglas fir tree the last time we were at Shellrock Creek Campground, so we decided to go back with a firewood permit this weekend. A big snowstorm came through Friday night, bringing about a foot of snow. John and I headed up in his truck about 6:30 am on Saturday. Shellrock Creek Campground is located near the mouth of Shellrock Creek, which flows into the Oak Grove fork of the Clackamas River. It's about 33 miles SE of Estacada off FR 58 (near Timothy Lake). It is a primitive campground with only 8 sites and no running water. Technically it is closed in the winter due to low elevation snow, but it can still be used as long as you pack everything out that you bring in.

It was about 30°F when we arrived around 8 am. The skies were starting to clear and it was absolutely beautiful with the fresh blanket of snow. There was over a foot of snow at the campground.

Forest Road 58 to Shellrock Creek Campground     Entrance to Shellrock Creek Campground, Oregon

Luckily we didn't get stuck on the way to the campground.

John's Truck and Trailer in Front of Our Campsite     Shellrock Creek, Oregon

To our disappointment, the large douglas fir that John had obtained a firewood permit for was partially rotten. We cut a couple rounds, but decided it wasn't worth hauling back. At least we cut enough to have a nice warm campfire.

John Cutting Firewood     John Enjoying Our Campfire

I compacted the snow and set up our tent before heading up the road to test out my 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards. We also spent a little time snowshoeing around the campground enjoying the winter scenery.

Our Snowy Campsite at Shellrock Creek Campground     Jason Staying Warm in Triple Star Down Jacket

It was supposed to get down to the low 20s Saturday night, but my thermometer only showed it dipped to 27°F. We stayed warm and toasty in our mummy bags and slept in to nearly 8 AM Sunday morning before packing up and heading home.


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