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5th Element
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5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards
5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards - Bindings
5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards w/Mountaineering Boots
5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards w/Mountaineering Boots - Front
5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards w/Mountaineering Boots - Back


The 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards are similar to regular skis, but smaller. Their small size makes them very maneuverable and great for beginners to advanced skiers wanting to try something new. The wood core design of the LK Pro Ski Boards provides stability and the full wrap stainless steel edge gives fantastic edge grip. Features adjustable (up to 35.5 cm boot sole) non-releasable bindings, tip protectors, and easy clip on leashes.


Size: 99cm
Material: Wood core
Weight: 4 lbs. 15 oz. (w/out leashes)

Initial Thoughts (08/10/11):

I downhill ski a couple times a year, but have never tried mini skis or ski boards/snowblades. I purchased the 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards hoping they would work with my mountaineering boots to make some of my descents quicker and more enjoyable. I had hoped they would weigh around 4 pounds, but at just under 5 pounds they still shouldn't weigh down my pack too much.

They came in a plain box shrink-wrapped in plastic. The bindings are pre-installed with the leashes attached (but leashes are easily removed). They feel and appear similar to a typical pair of modern skis. The LK Pro Ski Boards have a slick finish and the edges are sharp. They do not appear to be pre-waxed.

I was easily able to adjust the bindings to accommodate my Scarpa Summit GTX mountaineering boots. I tested the 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards in my family room. They felt relatively secure and supportive with my mountaineering boots, although not nearly as stiff as with typical ski boots. Theoretically they will work for coming down moderate snow slopes, but I'll have to wait and see once the winter snows come.

Initial Field Test (11.19.11):

My first test of the 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards was on about a foot of fresh snow on a snow camping trip to Shellrock Creek, Oregon. I used my mountaineering boots instead of a standard ski boot. Almost as soon as I had the skis on, I fell. I am not an advanced skier, but I can hold my own, so I was a little shocked. I proceeded to ski across a road and fell again. The bindings stayed secure and I felt like my mountaineering boots provided enough support and rigidity. But I didn't feel as confident on the ski boards as I normally do on traditional skis with hard plastic ski boots.

I tried skiing down a short (50 feet), fairly steep hill and made it almost to the bottom without falling (there was a snow covered ditch at the bottom which I fell in). I then skied down a gently sloped road, falling a couple more times. At this point, I am not very confident the 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards will work for my intended purpose with mountaineering boots. I will have to try them with ski boots to see if they behave differently.

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Extended Field Testing:

After using the 5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards a couple more times I am convinced they are not well suited for soft mountaineering boots. I never felt very comfortable on the skis except while wearing alpine ski boots. However, with alpine ski boots they were quite fun and easy to control. They felt like they required more muscle than long skis, but were great on short runs. Long straight runs were tiring.

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