CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampon Review

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CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampon
CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampons - w/Bag
CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampons - Side & Bottom View
CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampons - Installed on Boots


Stalker Universal Crampons by C.A.M.P. USA are designed for general mountaineering and glacier travel. The universal bindings and thermoplastic heel and toe harnesses wrap around almost any hiking or mountaineering boot. The Stalker crampons are secured with a strong nylon strap with pull tab for ease of use. They are easily adjustable without tools. Included are Vibram® anti-balling plates to reduce snow build-up underneath your feet and a carry case for easy packing and storage.


Size: 14-19 inches (36-48 cm)
Material: Chromoly Steel
Points: 12
Binding: Universal strap-on
Anti-Balling Plates: Included
Crampon Case: Included
Weight: 33.9 oz. (960 g)

Initial Thoughts:

C.A.M.P. USA's Stalker Universal Crampons appear very durable right out of the box. The chromoly steel points feel sharp and strong. I like how the thermoplastic heel and toe harnesses fold down for more compact storage. The crampons are easily stored in the included carry case, keeping the points from getting caught on other gear.

I have found the Stalker crampons fit perfectly on my La Sportiva Pamir Leather boots. They are easy to adjust for just the right fit. The nylon strap is easy to use when securing the crampons to my boots and the pull tab makes it easy to remove them. I also tried fitting these crampons to my Sorel Conquest winter boots, but the boots' wide width made them not fit as well. They work, but the heel of the boots does not seat all the way into the rear of the crampons. Most hiking and mountaineering boots should fit just fine.

In The Field:

The CAMP Stalker Universal Crampons have fit well on multiple pairs of boots from heavy-duty hiking boots to winter mountaineering boots. They even work on snow boots and lighter hiking boots. The Stalkers have consistently provided the traction I need to travel across snow and ice from level ground to 45° couloirs. They are relatively easy to put on, but I suggest adjusting the size to your boots before you get to the mountain (it is easier with warm hands in the comfort of your home).

The included anti-botts are effective at keeping snow from balling up. They show signs of being used after several trips, but are still fully functional. The finish on the points wears off easily and the exposed metal could rust if not properly cared for. I recommend drying and leaving them out of the case after use to minimize rusting.

See Mount Hood and Mount Dana adventures where the CAMP USA Stalker Universal Crampons were used.

Final Thoughts:

The CAMP Stalker Universal Crampons are a great pair of crampons for general mountaineering. They work on a wide variety of boots and include a carry bag. I definitely recommend them to users who need a non-technical pair of crampons. Available from amazon.com.

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