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La Sportiva
12D Pamir
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La Sportiva Pamir Leather Boot - Side View
La Sportiva Pamir Leather Boot - Front View
La Sportiva Pamir Leather Boot - Bottom View
La Sportiva Pamir Leather Boot - w/Universal Crampons
La Sportiva Pamir Leather Boots - Near Badger Creek


The Pamir by La Sportiva is a heavy-weight leather hiking and backpacking boot with traditional styling. It is built to take long-term abuse and provide comfort, stability, and traction on long treks. The Idro-Perwanger® full grain leather uppers are water-resistant and supportive. Traction and braking are provided by the Vibram® soles. The Pamir boots feature an anti-torsion shank on the back of the boot and anti-shock insert to dampen impact with the ground.


Upper: 2.8 mm Idro-Perwanger® waxed leather + nabuck cuff
Lining: Calf skin leather
Midsole: 8mm high density Nylon PU Lite with anti-torsion shank
Outsole: Vibram® Sasslong outsole with Impact Brake System™
Crampon Compatible: Yes (Universal)
Height: 8.5" (21.6 cm)
Weight (sz. 44.5): 4.5 lbs (2.04 Kg)

Initial Thoughts:

I am impressed with the quality of construction on La Sportiva's Pamir leather boots. They appear nothing short of perfect. These are a very beefy pair of hiking boots on par with mountaineering boots. In fact, they share a similar design to La Sportiva's Karakorum, with small differences in the lining and outsole. The Pamir boot is quite stiff and feels very supportive.

As far as sizing, I normally wear a men's US size 10.5. The Pamir's in a 44.5 EU fit me perfectly. The soft calf skin lining is quite comfortable. It molds to my feet for a more custom fit. I find the lace-lock on the sixth eyelet to be very handy. It helps keep the laces tight while lacing the rest of the boot. Overall I really like the way the boots look and feel in addition to their degree of stiffness.

In The Field:

I have tested the La Sportiva Pamir boots for several months now on multiple adventures ranging from day hikes to backpacking and mountaineering. They have performed well in almost every situation. Besides a few scuffs and normal wear on the sole, the boots are in perfect shape. The calf skin inner lining is very comfortable and hasn’t absorbed my foot odor yet (which is saying a lot). They have kept my feet dry in wet snow and small stream crossings. When used in continuously wet conditions, the leather will wet out (like most leather boots), but water has not reached the inside of the boot.

For basic mountaineering, the Pamir’s are a good option provided the temperature is above freezing (unless your feet are perpetually hot). They are not insulated, so I don’t recommend using them in the winter or during cold climbing trips. They work well with universal strap-on crampons.

Normally I wear trail running shoes when hiking or backpacking in the summer, but I have come to appreciate the sturdiness the Pamir’s provide. The few times I have rolled my ankle, the Pamir boots provided enough support to stave off injury (unlike the normal pain I feel during a similar stumble in trail running shoes). I also prefer the Pamir boots for Spring and Fall hiking when I am more likely to encounter wet, cold, and/or snowy conditions.

See Lookout Mountain, Table Mountain, Mount Hood, and Badger Creek adventures where the La Sportiva Pamir Leather boots were used.

Final Thoughts:

I have been very satisfied with the La Sportiva Pamir hiking boots. They are great for backpacking and can double as a light mountaineering boot thanks to La Sportiva’s high quality, sturdy design. I highly recommend the Pamir Leather boots. Available from amazon.com.

Special thanks to La Sportiva for providing the Pamir Leather boots for review.


gianni bocchetti, Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:51

Superior! I have owned them since 1990. They are broken out for serious jaunts to the wilderness. And along with a trusty colt, you can survive anything!

jloomis, Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:55

Thanks for your comments gianni! My Pamir boots are great and keep bagging peak after peak.

Bob, Sun, 07/21/2013 - 07:47


Do you know if the Pamirs can be re-soled? I'm looking for a boot like this that will last me many years, but I'll wear out the soles for sure if the uppers are built well. (I've been using La Sportiva's Eco style for 3 years but the uppers are too lightweight and fall apart after only two hiking seasons, given my style of hiking.)


jloomis, Sun, 07/21/2013 - 09:38


I am not sure if the Pamir's can be re-soled or not. You may want to chat with La Sportiva directly.


Bob, Sat, 07/27/2013 - 14:47

La Sportiva has no contact info on their website, so I'd thought to ask you. But it occured to me to try going through my local retailer, he'll probably know how to get in touch with them. I'll post here in case anyone else is curious about the boots.
Thanks, Bob

jloomis, Sun, 07/28/2013 - 10:30

La Sportiva's contact information is under the "About" tab on the top menu bar on their website.


Bob, Fri, 08/02/2013 - 09:21

From La Sportiva:

"Yes, the Pamir boot has a Vibram sole that is replaceable. Almost all of our boots are designed to be easily resoleable. La Sportiva North America currently does not keep the Pamir outsole in stock. When the time comes for a new sole, contact any of our authorized cobblers (http://www.sportiva.com/about/warranty/cobblers) that will resole your boots with the same or similar Vibram sole."

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