eZeefit Ankle Booties (2mm) Review

eZeefit Sports
2mm Ankle Booties
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Ankle Booties by eZeefit Sports are form fitting, pull-on, anti-blister booties available in three thicknesses (ultra-thin, 2mm, & 3mm). They are designed to help your foot grip footwear better while at the same time protecting against abrasion and blisters. Features flatlock stitching for lasting durability and stretch. Ankle booties can be worn with or without socks. Originally designed for speed skaters, but great for other sports like skiing/snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, and more.


Size: M/L (fits mens 8-12)
Outer Material: Superflex hi-tech neoprene
Lining: MicroPlush
Weight (pair): 1.1 oz (31.2 g)

Initial Thoughts (08/19/11):

I have been having issues with my heels slipping in my hiking and mountaineering boots on some of my longer hikes and climbs. Tape helps, but I wanted a reusable product that was quick and effective. After searching the internet I came across ankle booties fromeZeefit Sports. I ordered a pair of 2mm booties and they promptly arrived within a few days. They appear durable and well stitched. I find them easy to put on and they are snug, but not too tight. I was able to put on a pair of hiking socks over them and the combo feels great in my hiking boots. As I walked around the house I could feel my anckle slipping a little, but the ankle bootie stayed firmly in place, eliminating the abrasion I normally get from my boot rubbing on my ankle. Everything about the design and fit of the eZeefit ankle booties leads me to believe they will protect my ankles when hiking and climbing. Stay tuned.

Initial Field Test (10.08.11):

The weather has turned rainy and I was finally able to test out a pair of ankle booties by eZeefit in my heavy hiking boots. They ended up working well and prevented my heels from slipping in my boots. This in turn prevented my ankles from getting rubbed raw. I wore light hiking socks over the eZeefit ankle booties. One thing I noticed was the ankle booties left marks on my feet at the stitching and edges of the booties. This promptly disappeared after removal and didn't cause any discomfort while I wore them. I could feel the edge of the booties, but quickly got used to them. My first test was only a 7 mile hike, so I look forward to trying them on a longer excursion or one with more elevation gain which is where I typically have more problems.

See Ramona Falls adventure where the eZeefit Ankle Bootes were used.

Extended Field Testing:

Coming soon...

Final Thoughts:

Coming soon...

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water, Mon, 10/17/2011 - 14:10

Looks interesting -- would like to see an update if you used them to go on a steep uphill (maybe Hood?) --if they worked for that I would definitely see if Kara would like to pick up a pair as she has the exact same issue (and the heavy-duty sports tape seems to do the job for now).


jloomis, Mon, 10/17/2011 - 19:42

Eventually I will test them out on steep uphill terrain, but not likely until spring. I tested out eZeefit's full foot booties on Sunday, when I climbed Mt Hood because I wanted something warmer. They worked at keeping my heels from rubbing raw and helped keep my toes mostly warm (only got slightly cold for a short while).

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