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Full Foot Booties by eZeefit Sports are ultra-thin memory fabric booties that retain their shape even when wet. They are designed for wet sports, winter sports, and cooler weather. Full foot booties prevent friction and rubbing and insulate better than socks. Can be worn alone or under socks as a liner in really cold weather.


Size: L (fits mens 10-11)
Material: Bonded lycra
Weight (pair): 2.1 oz (31.2 g)

Initial Thoughts (08/20/11):

The full foot booties can be ordered direct from eZeefit Sports. Mine arrived promptly within a few days of ordering along with a pair of their ankle booties. The fabric is soft and very stretchy. The seams are on the top of the foot and lower sides, so nothing uncomfortable is underfoot. The size large fits my 10.5 shoe size feet perfectly. They hug my feet firmly and feel like they will stay in place during long winter snowshoeing trips. The full foot booties are not designed to breathe, so I am hoping they trap heat like vapor barrier socks. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for winter to come before testing these booties. Stay tuned.

Initial Field Test (10/16/11):

I finally had an opportunity to test out the full foot booties by eZeefit on a recent climb of Mount Hood in the Oregon Cascades. We have had a few snow storms in the upper elevations, so this climb was the perfect opportunity to test out the booties. My climb was about 6.5 miles round trip with over 5,000 feet of elevation gain (and loss on the way back). The full foot booties worked great, meeting most of my expectations. I wore a thick wool/acrylic sock over the booties and didn't have any issues with the socks or booties bunching up or moving around. The heel slip that's usually present in my mountaineering boots was nearly eliminated. I didn't have any issues with abrasion on my ankles or the back of my heels like I have experienced without the booties. The temperature on my climb was right around freezing and I was traveling on snow for much of the climb. The full foot booties helped keep my normally cold feet mostly warm. I noticed slightly cold toes for a couple short periods, but I am more prone to cold because of frostbite I had earlier this year. Other than that, the booties performed flawlessly. They were comfortable throughout my entire climb.

See Mount Hood adventure where the eZeefit full foot booties were used.

Extended Field Testing:

Coming soon...

Final Thoughts:

Coming soon...

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