Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 Utility Sled Review

Pelican International
Snow Trek Sport 82
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Picture of Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 utility sled
Picture of Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 utility sled with hitch
Picture of Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 utility sled behind snowmobile


From Pelican, "Whether its winter work or outdoor fun, Snow Trek Sport utility sleds are up to the task. Excellent for hauling all types of cargo outdoors, they are sturdy, robust utility sleds designed to be pulled by an ATV or snowmobile. Their large capacity means plenty of room for everything you want to haul. They come with no-maintenance Ram-X runners, shock absorbing metal tow hitch and adjustable travel cover. Specially designed to accommodate dividers (owner-made with provided template) to stabilize cargo."

The Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 features 430 liters (113 gallons) of volume and heavy-duty RAM-X™ construction. It comes with RAM-X™ runners for better tracking and extend sled life. Also included is a shock absorbing, reinforced metal tow hitch which folds back over the sled (new for 2015/16). The Snow Trek Sport 82 has rear reflectors for safety and molded divider slots (dividers can be made with included template). An optional travel cover is available.


Dimensions: 82.5” X 36.5” X 17”
Material: RAM-X™ (polyethylene)
Weight: 56 lbs.
Capacity: 700 lbs.

Initial Thoughts (11/06/15):

I have been extremely happy with my Pelican Snow Trek Sport 75 utility sled and was pleasantly surprised to learn Pelican has come out with a larger improved version called the Snow Trek Sport 82. It is longer, wider, and a little taller. The larger size should allow even more gear to be easily moved behind a snowmobile or ATV/UTV. The new fold over hitch appears to be a great upgrade as it won't need to be removed for transport like on the Sport 75.

The only downfall to the Pelican Snow Trek Sport 82 is availability. I have been unable to locate one anywhere in the USA and there are not any online Canadian retailers.



Doug, Tue, 11/24/2015 - 16:10

Royal Distributing carries the 82; I saw it in-store today. You can find it on page 269 of the 2016 fall/winter catalog on their website (royaldistributing.com).

Sail also has them listed for slightly less... (sail.ca).

Atleast Royal will ship... although I imagine the courier charges could hurt a little bit.

Raymond Sampson, Sat, 01/16/2016 - 15:55

Shaker Hill Outdoors in Poland Maine has like 15 on hand there number is 207-998-5390 or www..SHAKERHILLOUTDOORS.COM

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